Get Auckland University Optometry From John O Connor

Do you need to see an optometrist anytime soon? It is so important to find a good practice that can provide you with a proper assessment and the glasses that you need. It might also be in your best interest to work with an optometrist that understands how to do orthokeratology. This is a procedure where they can actually reduce the myopia that you are currently experiencing which is producing your nearsightedness. John O Connor is an excellent choice when you are looking at all of the Auckland University optometry information available on the web. Here are the reasons that you should trust them with your eyesight, allowing them to help you see better than you have in years.

Overview Of John O Connor Optometry

This practice has a solid history in Auckland. If you are in Newmarket or Henderson, you can call them up to set an appointment. You can also email them by using their website to learn more information. This is the best way to determine what exactly is wrong with your eyes, find a proper treatment, and a solution that will allow you see better. One of the benefits of working with this particular Auckland University optometry company is that they have decades of experience in this industry. They have grown with advancements in this industry, making technology and treatment options available to people that are having problems with their eyesight.

Services Provided By John O Connor Optometry

Some of the services that they offer include eye exams. They will make it possible for you to obtain the glasses that you need with a prescription that can help your current condition. They are vision specialists, and they will provide you with a free eye test so that they can determine whether glasses are a good option, or whether you should consider keratoconus and orthokeratology treatment options. The type of eyewear that you get should be affordable. You should also have the option of utilizing designer frames. They also offer contact lenses that are by Johnson & Johnson and many other reputable companies in the industry.

How Do You Set Your Appointment

The easiest way is to simply give them a call at either the Henderson or Newmarket offices. Whichever one is closer, try to get one at that location, and you will likely have an appointment within a week. You will want to tell them that you would like to have a free test of your eyes so that you can determine what treatment options will be available for you. You can then decide if you would prefer contact lenses, regular eyeglasses, or one of these high tech procedures which can reshape the retina of your eyes.

This Auckland University optometry company is one that you should contact as soon as you can. The earlier that you get proper treatment for your eyes, the easier it will be for you to maintain your vision, and even see improvements. Take the time today to set your appointment and you will definitely not be disappointed with this Auckland University optometry company that will do its very best to improve any problems that you currently have with your eyesight.

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