Get A WOF NZ From AutoCare

Driving a car is a big responsibility and you have to make sure that your car is ready for the road. You don’t want to risk having your car break down and potentially hurt someone because it wasn’t safe. A Warrant Of Fitness, or WOF NZ, is required every year if you want to drive legally.

You can get your Warrant Of Fitness from AutoCare. They have qualified mechanics on hand that can help you with any of your car servicing needs, including your annual Warrant Of Fitness. Their shop is up to date and they have all the latest equipment that will keep your car running the way it is supposed to run. If you don’t have a WOF, you can’t drive your car and you could get a big fine.

During your exam, the mechanic is going to go over your entire car. They check the condition of the tires to make sure they are safe to drive. If your tires are getting old they won’t have good tread which makes them dangerous. They could fail while you are driving which could lead to an accident.

The mechanic is also going to check to make sure your brakes are operating correctly. If your brakes fail, you won’t be able to stop your car and that is an extremely dangerous situation. The mechanic is also going to check the body of your car to make sure that nothing is rusting out. During your WOF NZ, the mechanic is going to make sure that the lights are operating properly and that your windscreen is in good condition.

The mechanic will check your washers and wipers to ensure they are functioning properly and they will even check your doors to make sure that they open and close like they are supposed to. Your safety belts will be checked to make sure they work properly and they will even check your airbags to ensure they are working.

During your WOF NZ, the inspector will make sure that the speedometer is working and that the steering and suspension are working like they are supposed to. Your exhaust will be checked and if you pass this inspection you will get your WOF label that you plce inside your windshield. If you don’t pass, the experienced technicians at AutoCare will make sure that all the repairs are made so you can get back on the road.

AutoCare gives free estimates for the repair work related to your WOF NZ and you can count on them to be fast and efficient. If your car doesn’t pass the inspection and needs repairs, you can count on the team at AutoCare to get you back on the road quickly. While car repairs are no fun to deal with, you won’t run into any problems with AutoCare and they will make the process go as smoothly as possible. When you need your Warrant Of Fitness, turn to AutoCare to get it taken care of without stress.

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